Watch a quick overview of how to upload and manage invoices here.

Adding an invoice to Settle is simple and can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Sending an email to your Settle Inbox (jump to Adding an invoice with Settle Inbox) — Recommended

  2. Importing from your synced QuickBooks Online or Xero account (jump to Importing an invoice from QuickBooks or Xero)

  3. Manually (jump to Adding an invoice manually)

This article will cover each of these options.

Adding an invoice with Settle Inbox (Recommended)

Each business account created on Settle will have a unique Settle Inbox email address assigned to it upon account creation. This email address can be found at any time in the upper righthand corner of most Settle account pages:

  1. Simply click on the box and the email address will be copied to your clipboard.

  2. Send or forward any email containing 1 or more invoice attachments to your Settle Inbox email address.

  3. In your account, you’ll see the Inbox menu item. The notification badge will update when you receive a new email.

  4. Invoices sent to your Settle Inbox must be reviewed before they’re added to your general list of Payables. Simply navigate to the Inbox page, select a message, review the attachment(s), and select either Add to payables or Archive.

  5. After selecting Add to payables you can update or edit any invoice details.

  6. Messages that are “added to payables” will now show up in your Payables menu, and can be scheduled for payment.

Tip: We highly encourage you to share your Settle Inbox email address directly with anyone who might be billing you. This way, you won’t need to take the extra step of forwarding the email to yourself.

We currently support these file types:

PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, CSV, RTF, plaintext, msword, excel, openxml spreadsheets, openxml documents, opendocument spreadsheets, opendocument text

Importing an invoice from QuickBooks Online or Xero

Note: You'll need to set up your QuickBooks Online/Xero integration before following these steps.

  1. Click the Add Invoice button (top right of the screen).

  2. Select Import open bill.

  3. Select the open bills you would like to pay, and click IMPORT.


Want to add Extended Payment Terms (EPT) to an invoice? Click here for instructions.

Adding an invoice manually

  1. Click the Add Invoice button (top right of the screen):

  2. Drag and drop an invoice to the box shown below, or select Browse to upload.

  3. Once you have uploaded an invoice, Settle will automatically parse through and populate this information in the invoice details. You will receive an email once the invoice is ready to be scheduled.

Note: You can also add vendor credits and W-9 tax forms from this menu.

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