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Using Cin7 Core "Pay with Settle"
Using Cin7 Core "Pay with Settle"
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Pay with Settle integrates directly into Cin7 Core's platform, allowing users to initiate bill payments seamlessly within their existing workflows. This integration not only saves time but also ensures the accuracy of financial records, addressing the needs of scaling consumer goods brands that rely on multiple tools for operational management.

Initially available to QuickBooks Online users, there are plans to expand access to Cin7 customers on other accounting platforms in the future.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that your QuickBooks Online account is connected to Cin7 Core. An active connection between these two systems is necessary to enable Pay with Settle.

  2. Open up the Supplier Invoice tab of the invoice you want to pay.

  3. Sync the invoice you want to pay to QBO. If the invoice hasn’t been synced, yet, it will look like the image below. Initiate a manual sync in order to send a payment.

  4. When the invoice has synced to QBO and is ready to be paid, the Pay with Settle button will be active:

Scheduling a payment. I don’t yet have a Settle account.

  1. Click the “Pay with Settle” button to get started.

  2. A new tab will open. Navigate through the guided account set up steps.

  3. You will need to provide a few details about your business entity in order for Settle to send payments on your behalf. Please have the following information on hand. Read here to learn more about why Settle requires this information.

    • Legal business name

    • All DBAs (”doing business as”)

    • State of formation

    • Physical business address

    • Business phone number

    • Bank domicile country

    • EIN/TIN

    • Some information about the company’s owners and leaders, including but not limited to:

      • Full legal name

      • Business-issued email address

      • Physical address

      • Date of birth

  4. You will also be prompted to connect your QuickBooks Online account to Settle with your login credentials.

  5. Once all of the above is complete, you’re almost ready to go! The Settle team will review the information you submitted and approve your account, within 2 business days. If you have any questions during this process, you can contact our support team at

  6. If any additional information is needed, you’ll receive an email from the Settle team, and may see additional items on the To-do List on your Dashboard.

  7. You will receive an email when your account has been approved and you’re ready to start sending payments. Once you get that notification, you can press Pay with Settle on any invoice in Cin7 and proceed directly to payment.

Scheduling a payment. I already have a Settle account.

  1. Click the “Pay with Settle” button to get started.

  2. A new tab will open. Log in to Settle using your username and password.

  3. The invoice you want to pay will open once you’re logged in. Settle will automatically pull in all of the invoice details so you don’t need to re-enter it.

  4. Click Proceed to payment at the bottom right corner of the invoice screen.

  5. You'll see options to Pay from my bank account or Finance payment (Extend payment terms). You can choose to pay the invoice however you’d like—if you’re interested to see if you qualify for working capital financing with Settle, contact our team at

  6. Select which date you'd like Settle to pay your vendor. Once a date is selected, hit Pay ASAP or Schedule.

  7. If you’d like to learn more about scheduling payments, or have questions about different functionality, check out the Payments section of our Help Center.


How does the Pay with Settle integration work?

Any data that has been synced from Cin7 Core to QBO can be synced to Settle. This includes bills, purchase orders, vendors, and catalog items. If data has not yet synced from Cin7 Core to QBO, it will not be available in Settle.

The “Pay with Settle” button is grayed out and I can’t send a payment. What do I do?

This happens when the invoice you’ve selected has not yet synced to QBO. Initiate a manual sync of this invoice to QBO within Cin7 Core, then the invoice will be able to be paid using the Pay with Settle button within the Supplier Invoice tab.

Can I extend payment terms on invoices with Pay with Settle?

Yes! If you are qualified for working capital financing with Settle, and you have credit availability, you can extend terms on any eligible invoice with Pay with Settle. Check out this article to learn more about financing invoices, or here to learn about applying for financing.

How does this integration interact with user roles and or approval workflows in Settle?

Any approval rules you have saved will apply to payments triggered with Pay with Settle. If a user who does not have access to schedule payments tries to trigger a payment from Cin7, they will see that these actions aren't available to them in Settle. An admin on the account will need to update their permissions to allow them to schedule payments, or another Cin7 user will need to trigger the payment. Here is some more information on assigning user roles in Settle, and please reach out to with any questions.

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