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Managing team members to Settle 🤝
Managing team members to Settle 🤝
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Once you create a Settle account, you'll be able to add as many team members—whether internal coworkers or external accountants/financial advisors—as you'd like. There's no per-seat pricing, so you can add new team members at any time for no additional cost.

To add a new team member

Access Settings > Team by clicking the gear icon in the left panel of your Settle account. On the bottom of the page, you will find the button "Invite team member." Click on "Invite team member."

When sending an invite to a team member, you can assign a user role for the new team member. The different user roles have different permissions.

Deactivate a team member

To deactivate a team member, Access Settings > Team. Click on the gear to the right of the user that you would like deactivated.

Click on the lower left button "Deactivate."

Automatic Deactivation for Plan Tiers

Settle will automatically deactivate user seats based on your pricing plan. If your account is downgraded to a plan where fewer seats are included, the number beyond the seats available in that tier will be set to deactivated. The prioritization for deactivation is based on newest non-admin members.

Users who are deactivated from an account, whether from auto-deactivation or via admins on the account, will receive an email notification.

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