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Once you've linked your documents, Settle makes it easy to do 2- or 3-way matching. This allows you to easily compare all of the line items across your various documents to see which may have outliers. These outliers will help you identify if there is a different in unit prices, total units, and/or SKUs across these documents.

  1. Click on a bill or a GRN to start comparing.

  2. This section will be the same across all of the resources but, with the example of a bill, click on the Compare to PO/GRN button in the bottom right of the bill viewer.

  3. In the compare view, you can click on a single document for the PO, bill, or GRN by clicking into the dropdown for each of those sections.

  4. If there are discrepancies between the products on each document, this will be noted both via an alert on the top of the page as well as with an orange alert item on the individual line items.

  5. In the top-right of the compare view, you can also choose to toggle on or off any of of the documents you would like to compare.

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