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Connecting your Settle account to Finaloop
Connecting your Settle account to Finaloop
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Settle is integrated with Finaloop to generate real-time financial statements. Financials from Finaloop can be submitted to Settle for underwriting to qualify for working capital financing.

To set up your Settle integration in Finaloop:

  1. If you don't yet have a Finaloop account, click here to create one.

  2. During onboarding, or from the Settings menu, connect Settle by clicking this button and logging into your Settle account.

For now this is a one-way integration, so Settle data is fed over to Finaloop to generate financials. Soon you'll get acccess to a 2-way integration, which will allow you to connect Finaloop directly to Settle via the Accounting menu.

If Finaloop is your primary accounting software, you can submit financial statements—as of the end of each month—via the Dashboard. When financials are due, a to-do list item will appear.

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