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The payments page is a dedicated page in the app where you can find all your payments related information. Navigate to the payments page by clicking the “Payments” button on the left-hand navigation bar.

On this page, you will see 3 icons in the top-right. These let you select which tabs display, which transactions display based on the filters, and which columns display on the given page.

At the bottom-left of the screen, you'll also see summary-level information on total debits from your Account. If you hover over this number, you'll see a breakdown including payments to vendor and direct from your account.

Viewing Payments:

Each row in the payments tab is a direct payment to a vendor including payments to Settle for repayment on financed transactions. You can also view which bank account was used, the payment amount, the related bill, vendor, approvers, and more.

If you click on a given row you’ll be taken to the payment details view which has additional information about the payment and payment-related actions you can take.

From here, you can also click on the hyperlink in the Related bill field if you would like to edit or modify the payment.

Note, if you'd like to go directly to the bill, you can also click on the hyperlinked bill in the Related bill column from the Payments page table:

Payments Table - Tabs

There are a couple of tabs in this page that we use to organize payments for you so you can quickly accomplish some key actions:

  1. All - All payments

  2. In Review - All payments that are pending approval. Check the columns to understand which approvers the payment is blocked on.

  3. Scheduled - All scheduled upcoming payments. Check this page to confirm payments or click on a payment and reschedule.

  4. Paid - All initiated payments. Check this page to see if the payment has been initiated, debited, and/or arrived at your vendor. Tip: Use the filters on this page to download all payments debited in a given month to help with end of month reconciliation.

  5. Failed - Any failed or returned payments. Use this page to quickly triage payments - you can either re-try or cancel them.

Payments Table - Columns

The columns reflect the information below. Note that if you do not see a column for one of the columns below, click the columns icon in the top-right of the page to toggle each column on or off.

  1. Status - Statuses include

  2. Type:

    1. Direct: Payment made directly to a vendor.

    2. Financed X Days: Payments made directly to a vendor using Settle financing.

    3. Installment: 1 of the repayments on a Settle financed bill.

    4. Repayment: The finayments to Settle for the total balance of a financed bill.

    5. Refund: A payment that has been returned to your account.

  3. Pay From - This is the account that will be debited for this payment. Note that for Settle financed payments, you will see Settle Bank Account listed as the Pay From account.

  4. Scheduled For - Date that you have chosen to initiate the payment transfer on and the date that Settle will initiate the payment transfer for a given payment. You can always click on a payment to be taken to the payment details view where you can change this date if necessary.

  5. Initiated - Date when Settle initiates your payment transfer

  6. Debit - Date when funds are debited from your bank account. This can be useful in matching to your bank transactions or your accounting sync bill payment date.

  7. Arrived - Date when funds have arrived to your vendor

  8. Related Bill - Click this link to open a new page with the details of this related bill.

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