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Where to store vendor information
Where to store vendor information
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To store vendor information within Settle, navigate to the Vendors tab and select on the vendor you would like to enter details about.

Types of information that can be stored:

  • business name, type, EIN/TIN

  • addresses, bank accounts, email address

  • payment terms

  • W-9s/ W-8 tax forms

  • vendor credits

Note: Bank accounts that have been added and verified by the vendor, cannot be edited or archived.

Types of information that cannot be changed for Verified Vendors: Business information, such as email address, cannot be updated on the Edit Vendor screen. This information can be updated by reaching out to Settle Support. In order for our Support Team to update this information, we will need to receive the Verified Vendors's authorization.

To receive their authorization, we recommend that you email our support team with the vendor's email cc'ed including the changes you would like to make as well as noting they will need to respond in order for us to process the request. As long as we receive written or verbal confirmation from the vendor, Settle can update this information for the Vendor.

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