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Purchase orders and shipping receipts
Purchase orders and shipping receipts
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Settle's purchasing tool allows your team to centralize documents, such as purchase orders and shipping receipts, to facilitate 3-way matching. In Settle your team can:

  • Store purchase orders and shipping receipts

  • Track the status (open, closed, canceled) of your purchase orders

  • Compare purchase orders, shipping receipts, and invoices side by side

Purchase order page

Navigate to your purchase orders in Settle by selecting "Purchase orders" on the left menu bar. All purchase orders uploaded to Settle will show up here along with details like status and linked shipping receipts. This information helps you keep track of your purchase order's progress, which we'll touch on later.

Uploading purchase orders

Upload a purchase order by navigating to the Purchase Orders page and select the button + Add purchase orders in the top right.

You will be prompted to upload a file from your computer. Once you've selected a document, Settle will extract information from it so you don't have to transpose the information yourself. Once the data is extracted, you should review it to make sure it's accurate.


Statuses help you organize your purchase orders in Settle. On the Purchase orders page, you can filter your view by statuses. Settle supports 4 statuses:

  • Open - A Purchase order that is waiting fulfillment

  • Closed - A Purchase order that has been fulfilled

  • Canceled - A Purchase order that will never be fulfilled

  • Archived - A Purchase order that is outdated-most likely you have uploaded an updated version to Settle

To apply a status to a purchase order, open the purchase order and select a status from the dropdown.


Linking documents helps you organize all documents related to a purchase order. For example, you can link a purchase order to a shipping receipt and bill. By doing so, you can easily navigate between associated documents and use Settle's 3-way matching tools.

Let's imagine we uploaded a purchase order to Settle last month. Today, we received the invoice for that purchase order. After uploading the invoice to Settle, we can link it to a purchase order using the PO field.

When you click the PO field, it will display all of your open purchase orders associated with the selected vendor. When you click one of the purchase orders, you are establishing a link between the two documents. If you accidentally link the wrong document, you can always unlink them by deleting the number from this field.

⚠️ If you can't find a purchase order in the drop down, make sure both documents have the same Vendor assigned to them.

If you want to see more details related to linked documents, navigate to the Linked Docs tab in the top right of your invoice screen. In this view, you can see all of the linked documents to this page in addition some important details like status, PO number, PO date, and total.

Compare (3-way matching)

Once you've linked documents, Settle makes it easy to do 3-way matching.

  1. Select an invoice (or a PO)

  2. Click on the POs & Docs tab in the top right corner

  3. Select Compare in the toolbar on the top

⚠️ You need to link at least one document to launch Compare.

To access your shipping receipts in Settle, select Receipts in the left menu bar. Similar to the purchase order flow, you can upload receipts using the button in the top right

+ Add Receipt.

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