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Where do I store and use vendor credits?
Where do I store and use vendor credits?
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To add a credit to a vendor:

  1. Select vendors from your dashboard

  2. On the top bar select the "+ Add vendor credit"

  3. Upload a.PDF of the vendor credit and enter an amount

4. or Select a vendor and scroll down the right bar to select "Add vendor credit"

To Check your vendor credit balance:

  1. Check the "Vendors" tab, the available balance will show as "Credit available"

To Use Vendor Credits:

  1. After specifying a vendor for a payable, if that vendor has vendor credits available the following button will appear below the invoice amount:

2. Click "Apply Vendor Credit"

3. The modal will pop up showing all vendor credits available for the given vendor, for each available vendor credit memo, you can specify the amount of that memo you would like to apply against the whole invoice

4. Once you've selected your amounts click "Apply" to apply your vendor credits against the invoice

5. Then send the invoice off for invoice approval so you can move to scheduling payment

Using Vendor Credits Notes:

  1. Make sure to apply a vendor credit to an invoice ahead sending the invoice for invoice approval

    1. If you wish to remove or update a vendor credit on an already approved invoice, cancel the invoice, update the vendor credit application and re-send the invoice.

  2. Vendor credits can completely pay off the balance on an invoice

  3. Multiple vendor credits can be applied to a single invoice

  4. Vendor credits can be partially applied to an invoice

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