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Do you have a referral program?
Do you have a referral program?
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Know another ecomm or CPG business that could benefit from Settle's flexible financing solutions? You have a number of options to share your referral information with other businesses.

Limited Time - $1,000 Referral Program!

For a limited time, Settle is offering a $1,000 credit!*

  • Log in and head over to ‘Settings’ in the left navigation menu and ‘Referrals & promos’

  • Share your unique referral link on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or email your friends to try Settle. (We’ve even got some email and social post templates so you don’t have to write them yourself!)

  • When your referred business makes its first bill payment, you’ll get to choose your preferred reward:

    • $1,000 Settle credit that can be used towards transaction fees or monthly subscription fees

    • One free year of Settle’s Plus subscription plan (waived subscription fee, transaction fees still apply)

    • $1,000 gift card (choose from dozens of digital gift cards)

  • Your referred business gets $250 in transaction fee credits to get started on Settle.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

Referral Code Information

Share your referral code, and you will each receive a $250 Amazon gift card after they complete their account setup*!

Here's how it works:

  1. Share your referral code with the person signing up on behalf of the business you're referring.

    1. Your referral code was sent to you in an email titled "Refer friends to Settle", or ask your Settle representative!

  2. Make sure they enter your referral code when signing up for an account on

  3. Once they finish setting up their account*, you will each receive a $250 Amazon gift card.

You will receive $250 for each business you refer to Settle, so share with as many friends as you would like!

*In order to qualify for the gift card, you must be an active user of Settle services, and the referred business (your friend) will need to complete the following steps:

  • Create a Settle account

  • Successfully link a bank account with their Settle account

  • Successfully link their accounting software with their Settle account

Businesses referred to us must also be US-domiciled businesses, and must operate as a CPG business selling physical goods (online or retail, or both) in order to qualify for the promotion.

They'll also need to pass our standard business validation checks. Settle reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject referrals or accounts or deny participation in the referral program for any reason. Only one gift card per referral. Accounting firms will not be eligible to participate. Terms and Conditions apply to each participant and by participating in the referral program, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions located here.

Once these steps are complete it may take up to 10 business days for us to send the gift cards. Check in with your Settle representative if you have questions or want to check on the status of your gift card.

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