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Setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA)
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Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your account is an easy way to increase your account security, either for yourself, or if you’re an admin, your entire team. We recommend that all users enable MFA as a best practice, though it’s not required. Read on to learn about how to enable MFA.

Setting up MFA on an individual account

To set up MFA on your account, first navigate to Settings, then select Profile. Scroll down to Multi-factor authentication and select Add authentication step to begin the setup process.

Follow the prompts on screen to continue set up. You’ll need to download an authenticator app if you don’t already have one.

Authenticator apps

Any trusted authenticator app should work, but here are a couple of options to explore:

Both of these apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Some apps may also have browser-based or desktop version available.

Requiring MFA for your team

If you’re an Admin of your account, you can require everyone on your team to set up multi-factor authentication on their respsective accounts.

Navigate to Settings > Team, then toggle the switch at the bottom of the page that says Require MFA for all team members.

Team members will receive an email prompting them to log in to Settle, at which point they’ll be required to set up MFA before they’re able to complete login.

From the Team screen, you’ll be able to see each person’s MFA set up status to confirm whether they’ve completed the set up process or not.

Note: If you or anyone from your team logs in via Google Authentication (ie, you log in using your Google login), MFA on Settle will not be enforced.

Resetting or disabling MFA

While we do not recommend disabling MFA because it significantly reduces your account security, you may do so from the Settings menu so long as your business has not required MFA for all users. Otherwise, you may reset but not disable, MFA on your account.

  • If MFA is not currently required for your team: You may disable MFA by navigating to Settings > Profile and selecting Disable multi-factor authentication.

  • If your admin has required MFA for your team: You may reset MFA by navigating to Settings > Profile, then select Reset MFA. You’ll be logged out of your account. The next time you attempt to log in, you’ll go through the MFA set up process again.

    Because MFA is required, you will not be able to fully disable it.

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