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Understanding your cash outflows graph
Understanding your cash outflows graph
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Your Settle dashboard features a cash outflows graph to provide high level visibility into your past and upcoming payments, segmented by payment types.

By default this graph shows the previous 2 weeks of outflows along with the current week, plus 16 weeks into the future, for a total of 19 weeks displayed. We currently do not support manual adjustments to this range, but let us know if that’s something you’d find useful.

When utilizing the cash outflows graph, please note that it only includes payments that have been scheduled. Therefore, any bills in your Settle account that do not have an associated scheduled payment will not appear in this graph.

Included payment types


“Fees” shown on the chart encompass all fees incurred from our Extended Payment Terms or Marketing Card products.

Financed payments

“Financed payments” cover principal repayments related to our Extended Payment Terms product. For example, if you chose to pay a $9,000 bill using EPT, your associated repayment (otherwise known as the principal) amount would be $9,000.

Cash payments

These are any payments made directly from your bank account, without any financing.


Failed payments encountered an issue while processing and require some type of intervention to be completed. Contact our Support team if you’re unsure about a specific payment failure.

Marketing card

This section includes any payment scheduled to cover your Marketing Virtual Card balance, less fees.

Downloading outflows data

The information shown in this graph can be downloaded as a .csv file by clicking the download button in the upper righthand corner of the graph.

👉 Note that your monthly Settle subscription fees (for paid plans) are not included in this graph.

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