If you sent a payment through Settle using incorrect recipient payment details or if there's an issue with the payment sent to your vendor, your ability to modify or cancel the payment will vary based on payment method.

πŸ‘‰ For any payment method, please first contact support@settle.co as soon as possible with the details so we can attempt to find a resolution quickly.

Here's what you can expect depending on your method of payment:

Domestic Checks

We can issue a stop payment on a check upon request as long as it has not been deposited. We can then issue a new ACH or wire payment to your vendor, or cancel the payment altogether upon request.

Domestic ACH or wires

You can request a reversal of funds within 48 hours or initiating an ACH or wire payment. While we cannot guarantee an exact timeframe for fund reversals, they're typically processed within 2 business days. Once the payment is successfully reversed, we can reissue the payment to the correct account details or cancel the payment altogether upon request.

International wires

While it's possible to request a recall of funds sent to an international vendor, please be advised that recalls are only performed as a "best effort," as they require the cooperation of corresponding and receiving banks together with approval from the beneficiary.

If the recall request is accepted, note that there is no guaranteed timeframe for when the funds will be returned. This timeframe can vary greatly due to the various banks and institutions involved in the transaction, but recalls or international payments typically require 5-7 business days.

Once the recall request is successfully completed, we can reissue payment to the correct account details or cancel the payment altogether upon request.

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