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Getting started with NetSuite
Getting started with NetSuite
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If you use NetSuite as your business’s main accounting software and you’d like to apply for any of Settle’s financing products, you’ll need to link your NetSuite account with Settle.

⏱ The process to gather the necessary information from NetSuite to connect your accounts can take time, so we recommend carving out 15 minutes to work on this.

ℹ️ If you are having trouble, please contact our support team via email.

Before getting started...

  • Ensure you have administrator permissions in NetSuite

  • Get ready to jot down NetSuite IDs and tokens as you go

Linking your account

  1. “Enable Features” in NetSuite. Click here or navigate to your NetSuite account's Enable Features page.

You’ll need to enable this list of features:

  • Analytics tab


  • SuiteCloud tab

    • SuiteTalk (Web Services)


  • Manage Authentication


2. Create an integration record for Settle. Click here or navigate to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New.

  • State: enabled


  • Hit "Save."

⚠️ After saving, be sure to write down the consumer key and consumer secret from the "Client Credentials" section. These are only viewable once.

3. Install the Settle Netsuite Bundle to create a role with the required permissions.

  • Click here to go to the “Settle Sync Role” bundle

  • Click install. Once installation begins, it should take ~5 minutes for your new role to be created. In the meantime, continue to step 4

☑️ Settle requires access to all transaction types for underwriting. 

4. Once your bundle is installed, the newly created “Settle Sync Role” might need to be modified to allow Settle to accurately underwrite your business:

  • Click here, find the “Settle Sync Role,” and click “edit”

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and look under the new role’s "Transactions" permissions list.

  • Search for each of the following permissions in the search bar. If a result shows up, add the permission with level “View.” If a result does not show up, go to the next permission:

    • Bin Putaway Worksheet

    • Bin Transfer

    • Blanket Purchase Order

    • Build Assemblies

    • Close Work Orders

    • Count Inventory

    • Unbuild Assemblies

    • Work Order

⚠️ If you have further questions, don't hesitate to email here.

5. Assign the new role by clicking here and editing your current admin user.

  • Roles can be assigned by clicking the “Access” tab, adding a new role, and saving.

6. Create tokens for your current admin user.

  • Click here or go to Set up > Users/Roles > Access Tokens > New. Enter:

    • The integration from step 2

    • The user from step 6

    • The role from step 5

⚠️ After saving, be sure to write down the token id and token secret. These are only viewable once.

7. Record your Account ID

  • Click here to view your company information

  • Record the value under "Account ID"

8. Find your subsidiary ID

Settle only supports underwriting/syncing for one subsidiary at a time

  • Click here to see your NetSuite subsidiary list.

  • Click "view" on the subsidiary you want to integrate with Settle.

  • Write down the "internal ID" of this subsidiary

9. Log in to your Settle account and click the sync icon in Settle's top-right corner.

10. Find the "NetSuite (beta)" option and select Connect.

11. On Settle, enter the following then click "Create authentication":

  • The account ID from step 8

  • The consumer key and consumer secret from step 2

  • The token ID and token secret from step 7

  • The subsidiary Id from step 9

⚠️If authentication fails, click here to email us with questions. Alternatively, you can retry from step 1.

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