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Preparing 1099s with information from Settle 🧾
Preparing 1099s with information from Settle 🧾
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When it comes time to file your taxes each year, you can’t forget about 1099 forms. 1099-NEC forms for Nonemployee Compensation are required for any individuals (not corporations) that received over $600 from your business during the calendar year as payment for services provided as vendors and/or contractors.

Around the end of each calendar year, you’ll be able to download a report from Settle that contains important tax information needed to complete your 1099 forms. Continue reading to learn more about Settle’s report and to get guidance on how to generate tax forms from this report.

What’s in the report

This report is meant to assist you in filing 1099-NEC forms for Nonemployee Compensation to individuals (aka not corporations) paid over $600 during the calendar year for services provided as vendors and/or contractors. The report will list out relevant vendor and payment summary information for all vendors where:

a) Any payment was recorded in the most recent calendar year either through Settle or via the “Mark as Paid” feature


b) The vendor has been recorded in Settle as 1099 eligible. Note Settle automatically marks vendors as 1099 eligible if the Business Type is one of Individual, Sole Prop, Partnership, and Limited Partnership and gives you and the vendor the option to mark eligible if the Business Type is LLC, Non-Profit, Other Business, or Business (unknown type).

This report is generated to conform to the upload template used by our recommended filing platform,*. We include any relevant information we have in our system but you will likely need to update the CSV or make changes directly in the tax1099 service to include additional data not present in our system and potentially remove any vendors you deem ineligible for filing.

How to use this report

Step 1. Audit your vendors

Before running this report, you will likely want to go over all your vendors to ensure any vendor paid in the last calendar year is appropriately classified as to whether they should receive 1099 forms or not. As mentioned above, most Business Types definitively do or do not require the 1099 form, and Settle marks them as such, while a few Business Types require manual determination. You may have received W-9 forms from 1099 eligible vendors that can be cross-referenced here.

Step 2. Export

From your dashboard, select Export bills, reports, or pmnt confirmations in the upper left corner. In the export list, find 1099 report (for the current year) and click Export. This will download a .csv file with the known vendor business info and aggregate the amount paid for each vendor over the last year, marked in Settle as 1099 eligible. Note: Only Admin users will be able to download this report.

Step 3. Fill in missing data

Make sure you fill in any potentially missing key fields in the export file (potentially referencing W-9 forms you received from the vendor) including:

Payer (your business)

  • Phone Number

Recipient (vendor)

  • TIN Type (”EIN” or “SSN”)

  • TIN (if unavailable, it is possible to file without this)

  • Address 1

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP or Foreign Postal Code

  • Country

If payments were made to these or other vendors that were not processed or recorded in Settle, make sure to add or update the records as appropriate.

Step 4. Submit forms

The exported CSV file is compatible with the tax1099 service which we recommend as the easiest way to complete your filings. This service allows you to upload the completed template in the format generated by Settle, file, and deliver all 1099 forms to your vendors and the appropriate tax authorities. You can find a demo of their platform here and can direct any questions to If you need to file over 500 forms, they recommend contacting for additional coordination and support.

Once your tax1099 account is setup, you can find an option to Import → Excel Spreadsheet → 1099 NEC → Select files to upload the csv file provided by this export. You can then follow the steps provided by tax1099 to verify and correct your data and submit your filings.

LEGAL NOTE: You should work with your tax accountant to determine which vendors require this filing, which payments are eligible for inclusion, and what your requirements are for electronic and physical filing with the vendor, the IRS, and state tax authorities. The exported CSV file is a data file and not a 1099 form generator. The information contained in the file was provided to Settle by you and/or your vendors, and Settle neither verifies nor makes any guarantees as to the accuracy of the information you provided, and you acknowledge that Settle has no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the data.

*Settle may receive a small fee when you use's services.

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