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Sending international payments 🌏
Sending international payments 🌏

Learn how to send payments in foreign currencies, which currencies Settle supports, and more.

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With Settle you can easily pay vendors from around the world via no or low-cost wire transfer in either USD or a foreign currency*.

Paying an international vendor

  1. Add bill. If you're new to Settle or need a refresher on adding bills, check out this article.

  2. The Bill details should auto-populate based on the details in the bill. Double check the Invoice amount currency is accurate, and if needed, select a different currency from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Proceed to payment

International wire fees

Fees for international wires are based on your organization's Settle subscription tier:

  • Starter (no-cost) customers: $5 for each domestic and international wire transfer

  • Pro, Premium, and Enterprise customers: Free domestic and international wire transfers


Learn more about our pricing here.

*Note: As with all international wire payment transfers in foreign currencies, vendors may incur fees based on their bank.

Supported currencies

We currently support international payments sent as

  • AED

  • AUD

  • CAD

  • CHF

  • CNY

  • CZK

  • DKK

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • HUF

  • HKD

  • IDR

  • ILS

  • INR

  • JPY

  • KWD

  • MXN

  • MYR

  • NOK

  • NZD

  • PHP

  • PLN

  • RON

  • SEK

  • SGD

  • THB

  • TRY

  • USD

  • ZAR

Payments sent in certain currencies have maximum limits, as follows:

  • INR β€” 1,500,000 per day to any particular beneficiary

  • IDR β€” 350,000,000 per transaction

  • MYR β€” 100,000 per transaction

  • PHP β€” 1,300,000 per transaction

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