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Sending international payments 🌏
Sending international payments 🌏

Learn how to send payments in foreign currencies, which currencies Settle supports, and more.

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With Settle you can easily pay vendors from around the world via no or low-cost wire transfer in either USD or a foreign currency*.

Paying an international vendor

  1. Add bill. If you're new to Settle or need a refresher on adding bills, check out this article.

  2. The Bill details should auto-populate based on the details in the bill. Double check the Invoice amount currency is accurate, and if needed, select a different currency from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Proceed to payment

International wire fees

Fees for international wires are based on your organization's Settle subscription tier:

  • Basic Plan: $10 for domestic wire and $15 for international wire transfer

  • Plus Plan: $9 for domestic wire and $13 for international wire transfer

  • Advanced/Enterprise Plan: Various. If you process a high volume of domestic or international wires, reach out to your sales or customer success representative for a custom plan that includes custom wire pricing

Learn more about our current pricing here.

*Note: As with all international wire payment transfers in foreign currencies, vendors may incur fees based on their bank. These fees aren't set by Settle and, unfortunately, are outside our ability to set the fees or costs associated with the transfers.

Supported currencies

We currently support international payments sent as

  • AED

  • AUD

  • CAD

  • CHF

  • CNY

  • CZK

  • DKK

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • HUF

  • HKD

  • IDR

  • ILS

  • INR

  • JPY

  • KWD

  • MXN

  • MYR

  • NOK

  • NZD

  • PHP

  • PLN

  • RON

  • SEK

  • SGD

  • THB

  • TRY

  • USD

  • ZAR

Payments sent in certain currencies have maximum limits, as follows:

  • INR β€” 1,500,000 per day to any particular beneficiary

  • IDR β€” 350,000,000 per transaction

  • MYR β€” 100,000 per transaction

  • PHP β€” 1,300,000 per transaction

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