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Watch a quick overview of making payments on Settle here.

Depending on a vendor's particular payment terms, there may be times that you need to pay a single invoice with two payments, each with its own due date (for example: 30% upfront payment + 70% net 30 payment terms, or an invoice with 3 payments over a month).

To split payments in Settle:

  1. Open an invoice that is not yet scheduled or paid.

  2. Enter the total invoice amount (before the split).

  3. Click on "Proceed to Payment."

  4. Specify any desired "Payment Amount" on the next screen. We display the total invoice liability below the payment amount field. Complete all the payment details for the first payment - if the payment amount is less than the liability, we assume there will be 1 or more future payments to cover the full liability.

  5. Complete all steps to schedule the payment.

  6. To schedule the next payment, click the "Add another payment" button. It will be located in the same place where "Proceed to Payment" originally was. You can add as many payments as you would like until the invoice liability is completely paid off.

  7. Proceed through the same payment creation steps as above.

  8. Once the payment amounts across all payments on the invoice equal the total invoice liability and payments have been sent, the invoice will be marked as "Paid."

  9. Click on the "Payment" tab to the right of "Details" on the right hand side menu, to see all payments on the invoice, to edit or update any payments.

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